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Diligent Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, driven by passion for IT, Gadgets, Security and Training. Let us manage core cyber security services, locate potential weaknesses through continuous auditing and train your staff to become better at detecting and defending against malicious activity.

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Our mission: Let you sleep at night knowing your business is protected

95% of networks lack proper hardening and mitigation of common vulnerabilities. Creating gaps in security policies easily exploited by attackers.

Let us manage core Cyber Security components in your organization and train your staff to think like the bad guys.

The knowledge we bring comes from hands-on in the field penetration testing and training engagements at organizations in Canada and the USA. We have seen many types of networks from law enforcement, water and power utilities, education, local government, manufacturing, corporations to small businesses.

Our methodology: Through a proven, structured set of steps, coupled with our all inclusive managed services, we analyze, detect, and eliminate vulnerabilities found on typical networks.

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We work with clients of all sizes anywhere in Canada, as we are no strangers to traveling. We offer the following core services:

Managed Cyber Security Services

Centra Cyber Security’s all-inclusive managed cyber security service is not your traditional managed Information Technology offering. We go beyond the basic, the traditional break-fix transactional type of IT service. We are not an MSP. Our managed security service leverages our core expertise in areas like vulnerability management, penetration testing, threat prevention and most importantly knowledgeable training and end-user education. With us at your side, you can be one step ahead of everyone else. You will sleep soundly knowing you have an expert in your pocket.

Ask yourself the following question: Is your business vulnerable to attack?

Threat actors are continuously changing tactics and devising unique methods for breaching networks, stealing intellectual property by file transferring your data through your firewall like it was not there. Can you take that chance? Your business must evolve and improve your cyber-defenses. Speak with us now and learn how we can help protect your business. Let us show you, how our managed security service can help locate vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

A simple Firewall and Anti-Virus software is not enough to defend against modern threats.

Let Centra Cyber Security experts help reduce the risk based on a predictable schedule tailored to your needs and unique infrastructure. Our cyber security service will eliminate the headache of Tenders, RFQ, RFP’s and because it is all-inclusive, there are not hidden fees or surprises. A single monthly payment includes all Cyber Security Services, no up-selling or “sorry that is not included” excuses. It is predictable, simple to budget, without surprises. If you are a micro business, you benefit from a lower cost of entry. Our model makes advanced Cyber Security Services affordable.

Let us show you how simple and budget friendly Cyber Security can be, when managed correctly. Our services will allow you to sleep soundly knowing you are in good hands.

Managed Security Readiness Assessments

Are you interested in managed vulnerability assessments, cloud infrastructure audits or comprehensive security assessment of your internal business network? We can custom design a unique package, specific to you, for one all-inclusive monthly fee.

Most clients perform traditional and expensive penetration testing annually. We view security a little differently. The bad guys don’t Hack on an annual schedule. Like them, you should be thinking security everyday. You need a managed security service that will work with you year-round. We do this by taking “Key” components from the traditional annual penetration test and perform those same tasks monthly or quarterly. Whichever schedule you choose, we help you locate “low hanging fruit” vulnerabilities and common configuration deficiencies on an on-going basis. Why test annually when you can choose:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Internal Network Assessments
  • Monthly or Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments
  • Monthly or Quarterly Cloud Infrastructure Security Audit

The assessment service package will help you verify the current state of Cyber Security Readiness. We not only locate vulnerabilities, but attempt to exploit those same vulnerabilities just like an attacker. We help you improve your ability to detect and defend against threat actors and practice defensive tactics. We have over a decade of hands-on in the field experience breaking into different networks locating that needle in the haystack that permits elevation and total control over typical networks.

Centra Cyber Security assessment methodology is laser focused on the following four broad categories:


Each of these broad categories includes manual and automated tests, that examine virtually every aspect of your internal network for weaknesses.

Let us design an assessment package for you. Use our contact form, toll-free number or email to get started.

Training and Knowledge

Centra Cyber Security is not just about brute-force testing, we also bring many years of experience teaching clients and organizations how to detect, defend, and even attack their infrastructure to better understand the methodology used by threat actors at exploiting opportunities. Whether you are looking for in-class training, self-paced, webinar, staff awareness style sessions we can help. Let us design comprehensive training for your staff.

Centra Cyber Security training can be face-to-face, virtual via Microsoft Teams or other favourite conferencing platform. We will engage your staff to absorb the material and educate best practices for online privacy and safety. Best of all, our “lunch’n’learn” style sessions don’t end once everyone leaves. We reinforce learned concepts through monthly newsletter style reminders.

Why you need Managed Security Services?

Most networks are compromised as a result of the most common, textbook vulnerabilities. These are not sophisticated hacks requiring deep infiltration or complex exploit code. Most are exploited through “low hanging fruit” like:

  • Passwords
  • Excessive privileges
  • Improperly set share permissions
  • Legacy protocols
  • Poor configuration
  • Lack of security policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified these weaknesses by forcing businesses into the virtual world rather quickly. Everyone, from Mom-and-Pop shops, to established corporations, scrambled to transition their workforce, workflows, and client relationships into the new online reality.

While it may feel like the end of the pandemic is in sight, Cyber Security Readiness continues to remain critical, leaving many to wonder:

  • Is my business at risk from cyber attack?
  • Are my employees securely connected to the office?
  • Am I exposed to greater liability from the home-office?
  • How do I manage risks associated with the new virtual norm?

These are excellent questions that call for an effective response. Unfortunately for many, the short answer is, “I don’t know”.

Whatever the reason, “I don’t know” is a gamble. How much risk and liability are you comfortable with, and are you willing to take that chance? But how do you derive an effective answer? More importantly, an answer your business can support and maintain long-term.

An effective response requires a multi-staged plan. One that includes controlled cyber-attack simulations to not only audit your current IT infrastructure, but to also locate unknown deficiencies in your cyber defense.

Toll-Free Number: 1-833-630-2888

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It takes years to build a reputation and only few minutes of Hacking to ruin it.
People will always be the weakest link and no technology is 100% secure, it's only a matter of time.
If you think you haven’t been Hacked, you're not looking hard enough.


Some may say that cyber security is too expensive. Centra Cyber Security managed services are custom designed for each client. The cost is aligned with their budget making enterprise class security services affordable.

Centra Cyber Security experts can help identify your weaknesses and train your IT staff to think like hacker.

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