Privacy Policy

We do not care for fine print, but our lawyers insisted. We compromised and wrote this simple, easy to read policy.

  • We promise to do our best in taking reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure.
  • We promise to never share or sell your personal information with anyone outside of Centra Cyber Security.
  • We promise to use the information you have entrusted to us, for internal company use only.
  • We promise to be open about what personal information we have collected.
  • You may request an electronic copy of your personal information.
  • Upon request, your personal information will be removed within 30 days.

Why you need Managed Security Services?

Most networks are compromised as a result of the most common, textbook vulnerabilities. These are not sophisticated hacks requiring deep infiltration or complex exploit code. Most are exploited through “low hanging fruit” like:

Legacy protocols
Lack of security policies

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